The University Twinning and Networking (UNITWIN) Program was launched in 1992. Since then, the program has seen the establishment of hundreds of UNESCO Chairs and UNESCO networks.

The central purpose of the UNESCO Chair program is to build capacity and promote international co-operation through the exchange of knowledge and resources in the fields of education, science, culture and communication.

Indeed, one of the key goals of the UNESCO Chair program is to foster effective dialogue which acknowledges and respects the value and integrity of all peoples and culture.

Professor Mansouri has expressed that one of his many goals as UNESCO Chair, Cultural Diversity and Social Justice will be ensuring cultural diversity is accepted and embraced as a core tenet of humanity. There will also be a special focus on issues confronting African Diaspora communities, migrant youth and women.

The research program implemented under the auspices of the Chair will be multi-disciplinary in its approach and comparative in its application, investigating the manifestations and implications of diversity and justice domestically, regionally and at the international arena.

“Ultimately we hope to create a think tank and be a bridge builder between researchers, civil society and policy makers interested in the critical issues of cultural diversity and social justice.” Professor Mansouri has said.