What are the factors fuelling the decline of public trust in institutions? How can the education sector contribute to changing this situation, in particular by fostering students’ engagement as responsible citizens that support peace, justice and human rights?

These are some of the questions Professor Fethi Mansouri addressed during the UNESCO/UNODC panel session on “Global Citizenship Education for Peaceful and Inclusive Societies” at @WISE Paris, 20-21 February 2019.

WISE @ Paris brought together a diverse group of thought leaders, practitioners and innovators to discuss and collaborate on actionable and innovative solutions in education. Over two days, WISE@ Paris gathered for thinking and shaping the learning societies of today and tomorrow.

For Professor Mansouri, co-editor of the newly released Contesting the Theological Foundations of Islamism and Violent Extremism, this event was a great opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of investing in holistic approaches to education that will equip learners with skills and knowledge and behaviours they need to live together peacefully in diversity.

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