Gaza and Australia’s vote

In an interview with SBS Arabic on the Gaza violence Prof. Fethi Mansouri talks about Australia’s vote against the UN Human Rights Council resolution to send independent observers to investigate human right violations and the disproportionate use of force by the...

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Seminar: UNESCO Chair Intern Sali Hafez

UNESCO Chair Intern Sali Hafez gave a seminar 'How the Humanitarian Coordination Mechanisms Influenced Humanitarian access in Yemen?' Abstract: Yemen is witnessing one of the worst and most complex humanitarian crises for the last two and a half years (OCHA, 2017). An...

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Tunisia’s spring seven years on

  What does Tunisia look like seven years after the revolutions of 2011? The North African country instigated what is referred to as the 'Arap Spring' when Tunisians took to the streets after the self-immolation of street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi. Despite many...

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