Professor Mansouri was a plenary speaker in an international panel discussion, the Migrant Youth Symposium Panel 2019, on migrant youth that discussed how the practices and identities of migrant youth – be they on social media, in their neighbourhoods or overseas – have become a focal point of contemporary academic and political debate in Western countries of immigration.

In an era characterised by post-9/11 anxieties over religion and Trump/Brexit populist politics, there is a great need for critical understandings of the practices and identities of migrant youth which are able to engage with, shifting beyond, the tensions or problems that have been associated with cultural and religious diversity.

In addition to Professor Mansouri, this panel discussion brought together academics from Canada (Professor Lori Beaman) and the United Kingdom (A/Professor Serena Hussain) to unpack debates on migrant youth and diversity from a local and global perspective, and to discuss some of the ways in which the everyday negotiations of cultural and religious diversity can be re-imagined.