About the ICDI

The Intercultural Dialogue Global Index (ICDI) is an index developed by ADI researchers to measure the prevalence and extent of intercultural dialogue (ICD) at a national level across countries. The index builds on the conceptual basis of ICD, uses publicly accessible data, and applies methods that allow for replication, upgrading and comparability with relevant indices. In this paper we assess ICD prevalence for 51 countries based on three interrelated dimensions covering legislative, structural, and intercultural environments, and report some preliminary analysis of its application. Altogether, we identified 31 indicators grouped under 10 broad components to capture both macro- and micro-level factors affecting or contributing to intergroup relationships nationally and globally.

Why is an ICD index needed?

Today across many countries, there are fast growing multilevel forms of diversity. While there seems to be awareness about this changing global landscape, it has been argued that countries are urgently in need of intercultural dialogue (ICD) to be able to meaningfully manage the diversities within their populations. ….



In 2008, the Council of Europe released the White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue. …