Journal of Intercultural Studies

Journal of Intercultural Studies is an international and interdisciplinary journal, published by Taylor & Francis and hosted by the UNESCO Chair of Cultural Diversity and Social Justice.

Journal of Intercultural Studies showcases innovative scholarship on emerging cultural formations, intercultural negotiations and contemporary challenges to cultures and identities. It celebrates a long-established commitment to publishing research at the intersection of cultural studies and migration studies.The journal accepts contributions from scholars in cultural studies, migration studies, literary studies, sociology, gender studies, anthropology, cultural geography, urban studies, race and ethnic studies, that contribute insights to the following discussions:

  • Reconceptualising notions of nationhood, citizenship and belonging;
  • Questioning theories of diaspora, transnationalism, hybridity and ‘border crossing’, and their contextualised applications;
  • Exploring the contemporary sociocultural formations of whiteness, ethnicity, racialization, postcolonialism and indigeneity
  • Examining how past and contemporary key scholars can inform current thinking on intercultural knowledge, multiculturalism, race and cultural identity.

The journal is Q1 (Cultural Studies), and publishes six issues per volume: featuring research articles, review essays, commentaries, book reviews, interviews and symposia. Regular Special Issues provide stimulating, focused engagement with emerging research agendas and practices.

For more information, contact Dr Paula Muraca, Co-Managing Editor at pa**********@de****.au +61 3 924 45141