Ben, J, Elias, A, Sharples, R, Dunn, K, Truong, M, Mansouri, F, Denson, F, Walton J & Paradies Y (2023). ‘Racism Data in Australia: A Review of Quantitative Studies and Directions for Future Research,’ Journal of Intercultural Studies, DOI: 10.1080/07256868.2023.2254725

There are growing public discussions about racism in Australia with renewed government commitment to addressing it. Robust evidence and high-quality data are important for informing anti-racism. However, current data have serious limitations that impact our knowledge about the nature, prevalence and impact of racism in Australia. To examine the state and limitations of data on racism in Australia, we conducted a stocktake review of quantitative racism data collected nationally until July 2022. This article reports on 32 survey-based research studies and six ongoing organisational reporting initiatives. We organise and classify existing data based on study designs and participant characteristics, as well as the settings, targets, perpetrators, responses to and effects of racism. We identify data gaps and recommend how they may be bridged. First, we recommend further analysis of existing, under-utilised data, to address outstanding questions about perpetrators’ demographics, priority localities, and the health and socio-economic outcomes of racism. Second, we recommend new data collection on emerging settings where racism occurs, under-explored forms, cohorts experiencing racism, and responses to racism. We propose this study as a foundation for a national anti-racism research agenda and data management plan in Australia, and as a template for stocktakes in other countries.